Expressive Writing Benefits

It is proven that expressing your feelings and thoughts through writing can actually make your wounds heal faster.

For cancer patients, expressive writing makes them change their attitude towards their disease and make them want a better quality life.

Writing why you are thankful for 15 minutes before going to bed can actually make you sleep better.

Overall, expressive writing makes your mind and body feel better. It improves physically  by lowering blood pressure and improves your liver and lung functioning. Mentally, it regulates stress levels, improves mood, and symptoms of depression.


Creative writing can help as therapy in the process of coping with feelings by promoting personal growth, increasing confidence, and finding peace within yourself.

“Writing projects centered around the idea of being able to speak uncensored to an any audience about the experience of living with HIV”(Fair,385) which increased the confidence of the affected and made them want to share their experiences.

How Does Creative Writing Help As Therapy

Some of the exercises that are presented in the recovery are finding a balance between recreation and academics. Their recreation is widely explored in their creative writing by explaining how important it is to let their partner know that they have HIV. Since these exercises involves writing about themselves, the HIV affected students academically in their writing and expression skills. The affected learned through creative writing that both being focused in their academics and recreation activities is crucial for their lives.

Also, the discussion of sensitive topics creates a sense of a safe place for the affected. “‘I wasn’t scared of writing or anything'”(Fair, 385, p.15) is the result comment of the process of rehabilitation being effective on an affected HIV teen. The way she expressed how she felt about writing or anything demonstrates that her confidence of writing about her struggle increased.